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What To Wear for a First Date!


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First dates can be intimidating. It’s all about making a great first impression. And sometimes, how you dress can make or break the first date…especially if you haven’t met before. It can be difficult when getting ready for a first date, you don’t want to overdress and you definitely don’t want to be too casual. Finding a balance between the two is the key to impressing your date. This article will take you through a few tips and tricks on how to dress to impress.

Coffee Date

A coffee catch up is great for a first date; it’s casual and keeps it short and sweet. If the date is casual and cool, that’s how you should dress. Dress with the weather in mind and the location of the date, keep it trendy and fresh. Chinos are great to wear for a first date. If the café is located in a pretty suburban or central area, we suggest wearing a button up short sleeved shirt – but if you want to keep it casual with a nice crisp shirt, don’t be afraid to do so, as long as its clean and crease free. Accessorise with a watch and bracelet to inject some personal style into your outfit and pair the watch back with matching coloured shoes. DO wear nice clean shoes, whether that be desert shoes, oxfords or boat shoes, DON’T wear sandals or thongs, you are not at the beach! Keep it casual and smooth, just like your date should be. Also, pay for the coffee, she’ll appreciate the small gesture.

Dinner and a Movie or Show

The classic “Dinner and Movie” date is probably the oldest date in history that incorporates great food and entertainment, they can go great or go terribly wrong. The key to nailing this date is to choose a great restaurant for dinner, and a movie that you BOTH would enjoy. Dressing for dinner is the most important part to this date. Dressing for dinner should be smart casual or semi-formal, depending on the type of restaurant. If the restaurant is up-market, opt for a blazer or long sleeved buttoned up shirt. If the restaurant is more casual, a short sleeved buttoned through shirt is a great smart casual option. The shoes should be formal and structured so an oxford or derby shoe is great for this occasion. Accessories should include your favorite watch and belt, making sure the colours of the watch are matching in coordination with the shoes and belt. A tip to having a great date is to keep the conversation flowing, invest in getting to know them buy asking questions about their interests and hobbies, their passions and pursuits and their favorites. The more you know the more you can find commonality and topics to discuss.

Fancy Restaurant

If you’ve chosen to go all out and really impress your date with a fancy restaurant, then why not go all out and opt for a smart fitting suit! This date is required for the both of you to really dress to impress and show off your best assets. Check out our video “How to dress for a cocktail event” for the best tips on how to wear a suit! If you’re not one for wearing a suit, opt out from the classic button through shirt for a basic fitted tee under a blazer and pair it with a slim fitting suit pant. This outfit is still appropriate for high-end restaurants and will keep you looking on-trend and effortlessly cool. Inject personal style with the suit by adding a nice neck tie or have fun with a bow-tie. Compliments are key on dates like this so impress your date by addressing how good they look as well as offering to buy them a drink or two!


Follow these tips and tricks, personalise your outfit with your own style and be confident, humble and most importantly, yourself!

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