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Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas Under $100


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I think we can all agree that men are the hardest to shop for when it comes to buying Christmas presents. When we ask our partner, brother, father or friend what they would like for Christmas, most respond with, “ I don’t know,” or simply grunt for an answer. This doesn’t make Christmas shopping for us easy at all. However we can all agree that guys like stuff. The men in our lives are humble beings who enjoy accessories that are simple and that will improve their everyday lifestyle. So, in order to help you shop for that special guy in your life this Christmas, we’ve developed a short list of Christmas ideas that your guy will enjoy!

1. Bellroy Hide and Seek Wallet - Classic Black - $89.96

If you haven’t heard of Bellroy before, you’ve been missing out. Bellroy are an Australian wallet company who manufacture slim, sturdy wallets. These wallets will revolutionise the way your guy carries. The slim wallet eliminates clutter and space, efficiently stores cards and cash, all within in a slim leather case, making it easier for them to put into their pockets or bag.

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2. OrbitKey – Active Black - $34.95

Just like the Bellroy wallets transform the way you carry your cards and cash, the Orbit key will revolutionise the way you carry your keys. The orbit key eliminates the sound of rattling keys, prevents your keys from being scratched, keeps them organised and kept together with a safe lock all within a customisable and beautiful holder. Gift this to your guy and he will be certainly pleased with a gift he can actually use!

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3. Cooper Brothers Tie – Sea Captain – $44.96

For the guy who isn’t afraid to accessorise, Coopers Brothers Ties offer some of the most fun and unique printed tie designs. What’s even better about these ties is that they are all handmade locally within Australia from the Gold Coast. The perfect accessories to wear during the holiday season for work Christmas parties or even celebrating New Years Eve!

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4. SparkStone Charger - Small - $45.00

Here’s a gift idea for the guy that’s always on his phone, and always on the move, the Spark Stone Charger will keep him powered up all day long! This small on-the-go power pack will charge your guys phone fully within 3 hours! The Spark Stone Charger is super small and fits great in jean pockets, purses or the palm of your hand. The Spark Stone Charger is a great gift idea for guys that love their phone!

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5. Thread Etiquette - $31.50

It’s all about wrist accessories this summer, so why not gift your guy a trendy wrist bracelet. Thread Etiquette offer minimalistic subtle accessory that adds that extra element to any dudes style. The classic silver anchor with adjustable leather strap is a major trend this season and works well with the summer nautical aesthetic this season. This is a great gift idea for that guy who is super stylish and knows how to accessorise.

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Looking for some last second Christmas gift shopping? Head instore to UBERMEN now, at 275 George Street (entrance on Adelaide street). A wide selection of gifts available! Or call (07) 3012 7221 and describe your gift ideas to our friendly staff member – they will be able to recommend the perfect gift choices for you. To make things even easier for you – gift wrapping is available instore for a gold coin donation (profits donated to I Can I Will to help children with special needs).