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The Gentleman’s Guide to Choosing a Wallet

By Minji

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Wallets are something you don’t think of often; you pull them out multiple times a day but never really look at them. Countless times, I’ve seen men with overstretched, and overstuffed leather wallets, which is not a good impression. Even though you wont be judged on your wallet alone, it does in fact say a little something about you.


Now you don’t have to go out and buy a $500 wallet, but investing in a decent wallet is a small detail that won’t go unnoticed.


These are all important questions you need to ask yourself to insure you choose a wallet that is best suited to your lifestyle.

  • How many cards do you need on an everyday basis?
  • Do you use cash everyday and how much?
  • Do you carry coins?
  • Do you want to store your Phone in your wallet?
  • Think about the weather where you live – Does your wallet need to be waterproof?
  • Think about your interests – Are you a surfer who needs a waterproof and sand proof wallet?
  • Lifestyle – are you vegan or do you not like leather?

A Gentleman’s wallet needs to be 2 things:

Functional and Presentable

You don’t want a wallet stuffed to the brim of cash, coins, cards, and other ‘important’ receipts you may need, otherwise you will constantly be searching aimlessly through these useless items just to find the card you want. A wallet should include the essentials, and nothing more. There are two reasons for this; one it looks ridiculous when you pull out a stretched, over stuffed wallet. And two, you can see your over stuffed wallet in your pocket from a mile away.

Slim your wallet

 For an essential wallet, stick to minimal cash, identification (drivers license), and credit card/s. Leave out discount cards, membership cards, and receipts. There is now an app called Stocard that is free, and lets you store membership and discount cards in your phone so you don’t have to store them in your wallet.


Types of Wallets

  • Bi-folds: This is the standard and most popular option. A leather, fold over wallet, which keeps to a minimal design to give you a semi-slim wallet that holds daily essentials such as cash, and up to 10 cards. Some bi- folds may contain a small coin pocket and an elastic strap over the edge to keep the wallet closed.
  • Trifold: These are exactly like the bi-fold but are folded over 3 times and give you more room to store extra cards. Be careful as these wallets are bulkier and are hard not to overstuff.
  • Slim cardholder wallet: usually made from leather or super slim and ultra strong materials. These wallets are the absolute slimmest of them all, as they contain 2-3 card slots on both sides, and a central pocket for your cash.
  • Sport wallets: A perfect alternative for a vegan or someone who does not like leather. These are also good for surfers as they provide protection to water and sand.
  • Vegan /Anti Leather: Vegan leather is available from brands such as Matt&Nat who make slim wallets and bags in vegan leather. Other options include hemp wallets, and Dynomighty wallets, which are made from a material called Tyvek.
  • Phone wallet: There are two types of phone wallets. A phone case, which contains 1-2 slots on the back of the case, which can carry up to 3 cards. Or they can be a slim cardholder wallet with central pocket for the phone to fit in.
  • The Zip/ Travel wallet: If you need more room but still want a slimmer look, then a zip or travel wallet is your best option. These wallets are just larger than a passport. It contains a central pocket that is large enough to fit your passport, ticket and phone in, and also contains card slots on the inside of the wallet. The wallet has a full zip or half zip edge to ensure nothing falls out. Note: Some of these wallets can be smaller to just fit your phone and some cards in them.
  • Adventurer wallet: These are just like the zip/travel wallet but are waterproof, sand proof, grit proof, and sometimes drop proof. These are for the men who are surfers, hikers, and those who are adventurous.

The favourites

Phone Wallet – This wallet is so simple in design, and it keeps everything you need all in one place.


  • Bellroy Phone Wallet ($114.95): This phone wallet is amazing, it can hold 5 cards plus cash, an extra sim card, and a sim key.
  • Bellroy phone Case ($84.95): If you want a simpler version, this case holds 3 cards and has a push function that released the cards for easier access, it also holds cash and has a spot for an extra sim card.
  • Stitch&Hide Phone Wallet ($29.95): A simple leather sleeve that holds iPhone 5 with just enough room for cash and cards.

Bi-Fold Wallet – A minimalistic approach to the traditional wallet every man loves.


  • Bellroy Hide and Seek ($114.95): The traditional wallet within a slim wallet. It stores 5-12 cards, a hidden section for valuable cards, cash, a secret section for cash you want to hide, and a small hidden coin section. –
  • Stitch&Hide George ($59.95) : The classic wallet with a coin pouch. It has 6 card compartments and 1 note compartment. Made from hand rubbed pull up leather that wears and ages to produce a unique worn-in effect.
  • Status Anxiety Alfred ($69.00): The simplistic, Italian leather, bi-fold wallet that has 6 card slots, and a snap coin compartment.

Our Favourite Brands

  • Bellroy: Use premium vegetable cow leather on all their products, and are using various sustainable practices, through recycling materials and products, reducing waste and energy consumption through production process, eliminating toxins through production and packaging.
  • Stitch & Hide : A global leather accessories company that combines the laid back, yet sophisticated styles of both Byron Bay, Australia and Los Angeles, California. The natural beauty of these two places is reflected in our rugged, yet classically styled products.
  • Status Anxiety: Status Anxiety is about freedom from complexity and affectation in all areas of life. Their leather goods are uncomplicated in form; function and attitude, letting the premium leather do the talking.

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