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How To Wear A White Shirt, Three Ways!


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A white shirt is an essential garment that every man must own in his wardrobe. Having a white shirt acts as a blank canvas when it comes to styling up an outfit. It allows you to choose a variety of prints and colours without the fear of having pieces clash. The white shirt that has been chosen in all three of these looks is a herringbone cotton fabric that is a heavier, thicker fabric that gives off a crisp, clean appearance. This tutorial will show you how to wear a white shirt, three ways.

Look 1.

The first look we have put together is a great look to wear to work, for afternoon socialising or even on the weekend at a spring racing carnival. This outfit is clean, crisp and cool. In this look we have chosen to add a light blue blazer over the white herringbone shirt, which adds colour and sophistication to the outfit. To keep this look fresh and relaxed, pop the collar and leave the top few buttons unbuttoned. This automatically makes the outfit look comfortable and casual. For the pants, we have chosen to go with a light grey chino pan and rolled the cuffs to keep on trend. To complete the look, pair the pants with a matte black oxford shoe and matching wrist accessories.

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Look 2.

The second outfit is semi casual look that is simple yet sophisticated. The white herringbone shirt is featured here again, however we have opted out the blazer for to create a more relaxed look. To keep on trend, we have chosen a tan coloured chino pant. The chino pant features a horizontal running stitch, down the leg which creates the illusion of longer, taller legs. For the shoes, choose a dark chocolate brown oxford shoe that works well with the warm tones in the outfit and match it back with a leather dark brown belt. Accessorise this look with matching wrist accessories in tan and brown to inject a bit of personality into the outfit.

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Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 5.21.48 PM
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Look 3.

In this third look, we have chosen to go for a casual take on a look that is perfect to wear on the weekend. The short sleeved white shirt works great in the warmer seasons and brings in resort wear vibes. To create a more relaxed look, pop the collar and button down front a little lower to the previous look, to create a V neck line that exposes the chest a little more. The white shirt and maroon chino short is a great trend that is in this season. The contrasting light top against the predominant dark bottoms are complimenting and flattering. Chino shorts that cut on or just above the knee are a key trend in cuts this season. Finish the look by adding a white tennis shoe that throws back to the white shirt as well as complimenting accessories.

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