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Greenfleet: Making A Change

By ubermen

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When it all comes down to it, what source do we need to live and breathe our way through life? And where can we get access to it? Trees and plants play a crucial role in absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen – so it is fair to say that without trees, we would not survive.

Greenfleet is one of Australia’s leading providers of biodiverse carbon offsets. Established in 1997 and run by Wayne Wescott, the organisation is a non-for profit environmental charity helping thousands of individual and businesses take real climate action by restoring Australia’s native forests.

The Greenfleet team is hands on when it comes to fighting climate change. They restore biodiverse forests around Australia by planting native trees to remove carbon pollution from the atmosphere. Additionally, their forests protect and enhance biodiversity and provide vital habitat for native wildlife.

To date, Greenfleet has planted more than 8.6 million trees across 400 forests around Australia. And according to their stats, that’s more than 2 million tonnes of carbon offsets! This equates to removing more than 400,000 large cars from the roads for one year!

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(Battery Creek, Vic, Before & After- Long term commitment for Greenfleet, planting over 44,000 native trees)

Greenfleet’s achievements are the reason why UBERMEN is inspired to help spread awareness of our climate change this season as we dedicate our new AW16 collection to this environmental issue. We see the importance and value of supporting Greenfleet to enjoy the prosperous benefits of a healthy environment.

With each sale made from UBERMEN’s Autumn Winter 16 collection, 3% of gross sales will be donated to Greenfleet in an effort to help restore native, biodiverse forests in Australia. Our valuable customers will now have the chance to help our environment and support Greenfleet for a great cause! UBERMEN encourages individuals to learn about the long-term of offsetting carbon emissions and how we can reap the benefits of less carbon dioxide being released into the air we breathe.

You too can take action today by offsetting your own carbon emission through Greenfleet directly! By doing so, you will support Australian forests and protect our unique wildlife. Find out more here.

Stick around as over the next couple of months, we will raise money together to restore Australian forests!

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