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Beginners Guide to Men’s Grooming


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1. Get yourself a skin care routine

Having a skin care routine will not only clear your skin from imperfections like dark circles, the appearance of wrinkles and pimples it will also rejuvenate the skin by evening the skin from oily or dry skin while leaving it clean and bright.

2. Wash that Mop

Look after your locks by washing your hair, that’s right guys, wash your hair. Yes, it can be annoying and yes, sometimes it’s something that just doesn’t cross your mind. But honestly, washing your hair is great for you and leaves your hair feeling clean and lively.

3. Select a scent

Nothing, I repeat, nothing is better than smelling good or smelling someone who dons a fantastic scent. Investing in a cologne that reflects your personality is key to owning your scent. Experiment with different aromas and find one that best suits you.

4. Befriend a barber

Find a good barber and befriend him ASAP! Finding a barber who cuts your hair the way YOU like it and who makes you look cooler than Zoolander can be very hard! But once you find him/her, don’t let go of them because they aren’t easy to come by. Grooming your mane is very important because lets face it; know one likes a scraggly looking bloke who doesn’t know what a good hair cut can do for him.

5. Invest in a kit

You don’t know how much good work a pair of tweezers, nail clippers and a comb can really do. Keep your eyebrows maintained, your nails manicured and hair in place with a travel hardware kit.

5. Don't get a weird beard!

If you enjoy keeping your stubble or in the process of growing a luscious beard then be sure to keep it maintained. Messy beards with groomed hair do not go well together. Just like the mop on top, maintaining your facial is just as, if not more important.


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