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Top Up Your Office Daily Essentials and Accessories


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25% off listed accessory products!

It’s time to get serious about work again. Restock and revamp your office daily essentials and accessories by heading into UBERMEN with a massive 25% off sale. Coming back to work, you may have noticed your office supplies starting to wear out, look displeasing and maybe even completely broken. It can be costly and an annoying to replace some of these items but that shouldn’t be the case!

The problem with work or business accessories is that you use them all time and find yourself replacing cheap essentials on a regular basis because they either break or run out. Invest in quality office daily essentials and save time and money on the constant replacement of your office accessories.

Slim your wallet and style up your phone case with Bellroy, invest in a trendy card sleeve from Eminence, hold your cards in the exquisite Status Anxiety, add some colour to your work desk with Colourful I Met I Liked notebooks, hold your cash together with a Joel Wade money clip, and write it all down with Campo Marzio pen collection. So many accessories to choose from to help you refresh your business office daily essentials and accessories.

*Also, remember to keep the receipt and claim it back on tax!

Selected Products Available

  • Bellroy: wallets and phone cases
  • Eminence: Card sleeve
  • Status Anxiety: Wallet collection
  • Colourful I Met I Liked notebooks
  • Joel Wade: money clip
  • Woodchuck: Business card holder + money clip
  • Campo Marzio: all pen collection