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Beginners Guide to Men’s Grooming

1. Get yourself a skin care routine Having a skin care routine will not only clear your skin from imperfections like dark circles, the appearance of wrinkles and pimples it will also rejuvenate the skin by evening the skin from oily or dry skin while leaving it clean and bright. 2. Wash that Mop Look [...]

How To Wear Your Business Shirt

You’re probably wondering how on earth someone could wear a business shirt wrong? It might seem unlikely that something so simple can be done incorrectly. This isn’t case however; there are far too many men that wear their business shirt mistakenly, whether it be that their shirt is too tight, too big or just not [...]

How To Wear A White Shirt, Three Ways!

A white shirt is an essential garment that every man must own in his wardrobe. Having a white shirt acts as a blank canvas when it comes to styling up an outfit. It allows you to choose a variety of prints and colours without the fear of having pieces clash. The white shirt that has [...]
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How to Wear 1 Shirt in 4 Different Ways

A printed shirt is a great article of clothing to invest in as they can transform any boring outfit into something fun, bold and visually interesting. Printed shirts are also great for spring if they are floral printed and brings forth reminiscence of springtime. The best way to style a print shirt is to pull the [...]

What To Wear for a First Date!

First dates can be intimidating. It’s all about making a great first impression. And sometimes, how you dress can make or break the first date…especially if you haven’t met before. It can be difficult when getting ready for a first date, you don’t want to overdress and you definitely don’t want to be too casual. [...]

How to Wear 1 Suit, 3 Different Ways

Sometimes when you purchase a suit, there’s this little thought that you must wear the suit together the way you purchased it, and that it must be worn only to formal occasions. However, we are here to tell you that this isn’t the case. Suits can be deconstructed and styled in ways where you can [...]

How to Dress for a Cocktail Event

It can be a fine line between casual, smart casual, cocktail and formal. Finding the right balance in selecting the correct clothes to suit a cocktail event can be tiring and frustrating. There is no need to stress though because in this edition of How To Dress, we will help you on your way to [...]

Top 3 Tips on Dressing Well For an Interview – Men’s Edition

Attending an interview can be daunting for the most part, even more so when dressing for one. Presenting yourself well in front of your future employer is a very important element in the interviewing process. Dressing well and feeling comfortable will help provide you with an extra amount of confidence that will enable you to [...]

Colour is Not the Enemy: How to Style and Match Colours for Men

It can be tricky when it comes to styling colours in men’s fashion. The colours that men tend to stick to are blue, black, white and grey. These colours are a known as “basics” and are a staple for a safe and comfortable outfit. However, nothing says confidence more than a bold suit and stepping [...]