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Invest in Denim

Why You Need To Invest In Denim

Denim is a man’s best friend, and has been since the invention of them in the late 1870s. Denim looks great on everyone, however not all love the fabric, colour or fit. I believe that everyone should invest in at least 3 key denim pieces that will not only give you a casual cool look, [...]
mens accessories

Up Your Accessory Game! 8 Must Have Men’s Accessories

Styling accessories can be tricky. Sometimes you don’t have enough accessories or there is too much in one outfit. Finding the balance to styling accessories to an outfit is the key to nailing your look. Here are the top 8 men’s accessories every man must own! 1. Socks Socks are a must have for any [...]

9 ACTUAL Cheap Things to Eat, Drink or Do in Brisbane.

We’re a few weeks into the New Year and some of us may be facing the repercussions of a very festive festive season. While I’m not sure why your bills seem to be taking part in some kind of race to your doorstep and your wallet seems to have gone on some kind of diet, [...]

Food Review: Brisbane Burgers – Miss Kay’s, Brisbane

I’ve heard tons raving reviews about Miss Kay’s Burgers Bar, so finally when the opportunity presented itself to me; I was more than keen to give this place a go. Located on 185 George Street, Brisbane, Miss Kay’s offers the all American dream when it comes to authentic ‘merican fast food. Serving up the classics [...]

Food Review: Brisbane Burgers – Da’Burger, New Farm

Da’Burger is up there when it comes to Brisbane’s best burgers. The new and trendy hipster burger bar prides itself on delivering fresh gourmet burgers that will send your tastebuds into a full frenzy of flavoursome bliss. Located on 876 Brunswick Street, New Farm, DA’Burger’s restaurant is full of fun, flavour and welcoming hospitality. As you [...]

5 Unique and Exciting Bars to Visit in Brisbane!

(In no particular order) It’s the weekend, and you’re looking for somewhere new to begin your night to celebrate with friends after a busy week. You’re getting tired of going to the same old “regular” bars. You are aching for something fresh, fun and new that has great vibes and stylish interiors, but you're clueless [...]