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A Gentleman’s Guide to First Date Outfits

First dates are crucial for the development of a relationship. If they’re good, there is a chance for a second, and third date and so on. If they’re bad, well, let’s just say, we’re never going to find out what might have been. We don’t want to imply that the success of a date will [...]

Beginners Guide to Men’s Grooming

1. Get yourself a skin care routine Having a skin care routine will not only clear your skin from imperfections like dark circles, the appearance of wrinkles and pimples it will also rejuvenate the skin by evening the skin from oily or dry skin while leaving it clean and bright. 2. Wash that Mop Look [...]

The Best Shirts To Wear To Work

Sometimes our work wardrobe can get a bit boring, don’t you agree? What we wear can affect our attitude, so if you’re wardrobe is getting you down then you’ll feel the same at work. The cure to this is to invest in a work wardrobe that makes you feel confident and positive about your work [...]

In Fine Style: Ladies Jewellery

It’s sometimes the simple things in life that give us the most pleasure and ladies jewellery is no different. Delicate jewellery is trending majorly this season where minimalism is key to every look. Simple luxe jewellery gives a clean look to any outfit with thin lines and simple cuts with fine shine.   Dainty pieces [...]

Your Guide To Men’s Shorts

Just like many other fashion garments, men’s shorts come in a variety of different cuts, styles and patterns. Sometimes when choosing shorts, the variety of the different styles of shorts can be overwhelming and confusing. Sometimes, you just wish there would be a guide on what makes a chino short or what the difference between [...]
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Introducing Cooper Brothers – Floral Ties – UBERMEN

Ties come in all different colours, lengths, fabric, textures, patterns and styles. When it comes to dressing up for any formal occasion whether it is for work or to party, having a tie that adds personality and detail to your outfit is crucial to your suit ensemble. Ties are meant to add to the story [...]
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Le Rouge Beauty

It can be difficult sometimes to find a high quality make up that isn’t overly priced. It can be even more difficult to find a make up brand that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, is not tested on animals and gluten free. Not to worry though as Le Rouge Beauty offers amazing high quality, pigmented [...]


If you haven’t already noticed, floral and patterned socks are becoming a big deal. Both becoming increasingly popular in women and men’s fashion, floral and patterned socks can add an extra element of flair and detail to every outfit. You’re probably wondering why on earth would socks be such a big deal? Socks are an underestimated [...]


UBERMEN are proud to announce the entrance of the ethical and sustainable fashion forward label THE GREAT BEYOND. Not only do UBERMEN stock menswear, we have also decided to introduce an array of women’s swear product to our store as well. THE GREAT BEYOND produce sustainable bamboo cotton trans-seasonal garments that are made the everyday [...]

Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas Under $100

I think we can all agree that men are the hardest to shop for when it comes to buying Christmas presents. When we ask our partner, brother, father or friend what they would like for Christmas, most respond with, “ I don’t know,” or simply grunt for an answer. This doesn’t make Christmas shopping for [...]