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Dress Shirts | The Ultimate Guide

By ubermen

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Impress with your dress shirts: tips, tricks and suggestions

There was a time in history when dress shirts were a luxury. However, as time has progressed, wearing a dress shirt is no longer an affiliation with status and wealth, but a way to express your personality and make a statement.

From selecting the right shirts, to styling, maintenance and much more, we have sifted through countless sites and treasure troves to bring you the answers you are looking for. This ultimate dress shirt guide will solve all your dress shirt related problems.


chapter 1

Don’t embarrass yourself with the wrong undershirts

When it comes to undershirts, most guys probably just grew up wearing the white, regular, run-of-the mill undershirts. But instead of it being an afterthought, the right undershirt can actually make a big difference to how you look and feel. Undershirts come in various colours and styles (tank, long-sleeve or short-sleeve) and are usually worn for different purposes.

Here is an example: It’s a hot summer day, you have an important meeting, and you are wearing a white dress shirt. It’s getting hot and you want to unbutton the first few buttons and wear it without a tie – what is the best undershirt to wear? For the best look and feel, go for a grey short-sleeve V-neck undershirt, keeping in mind that it should be well-fitted and slightly longer in length. The conventional belief that white shirts should be matched with white undershirt is not always true, as most of the time the undershirts may end up showing through the white dress shirts. The best matching colour is a light grey or flesh-toned undershirt. The V-neck undershirt also allows the dress shirt to be unbuttoned, making sure the undershirt is not seen, while also providing pit protection. 


Additional Tips: Selecting the right undershirt may depend on factors including the weather, the colour of your dress shirt and how you style your shirts. What is the best/right undershirt? The answer is actually quite simple – The right undershirt is the one that serves you for what you need.


chapter 2

Packing a dress shirt for Travel

Packing for travel can be a massive headache. What is the best way to pack a dress shirt for travel, to minimise shirt wrinkles and to save space?

There are the conventional ways of folding it neatly like mama taught you. Then there is the rolling technique and the Bundle Wrap Technique. What’s your pick? 


Additional Tips: When travelling, the usual preferred way is to travel light a.k.a  stuffing everything into 1 bag! However, remember that the fuller your bag is, the more likely your shirts will have wrinkles. Here’s our tip – if your bag is getting full, don’t sit on it or squish it to fit more clothes in – just bring another bag to avoid having to find an iron whilst on holiday.


chapter 3

How to de-wrinkle your shirts without an iron

Have you been out all day with a hot date, and found yourself needing to sort out the wrinkles in your shirt?

Don’t worry, you will be glad to know that there are many ways to de-wrinkle your shirts without an iron. By being creative and using everyday accessible essentials around the house such as ice cubes and hair dryers – you can have a wrinkle-free shirt without an iron or ironing board! For example, hanging your shirts in the shower so the steam can de-wrinkle your shirts or putting your dress shirts into the dryer with ice cubes and let the ice cubes melt and do the job. Time to make a mental note and save this for your trip to Bali.

Additional Tips: While it is convenient to use daily home essentials to de-wrinkle your shirts, remember to be safe, especially when using appliances such as your hair dryer!


chapter 4

How to roll your sleeves like a champ

Rolling your shirt sleeves the correct way can add that extra flare to your outfit that tells the world you know what you are doing.

Whether it’s a short-sleeve shirt or long-sleeve shirt, you need to know the different techniques in rolling your sleeves. The below image is our take on what we think is a good roll. Find out if you and your friends have been rolling your shirt sleeves in style.


Additional Tips: Rolling your sleeves the right way can add that extra flare to your outfit. But don’t forget, sometimes it is also important to leave your sleeves unrolled, especially for formal occasions!


chapter 5

Solutions to nailing short-sleeve button-up shirts

Wearing long-sleeve dress shirts on a hot summer day can be brutal. This is when short-sleeve button-up shirts can be a stylish alternative. If you know what you are doing!

While it keeps you “cool”, it may also leave you looking nerdy or old-fashioned. Yes, short-sleeve button-up shirts can be tricky to pull off, but fear not! If done right, it can become a staple in your wardrobe to set you apart from the flock. What do we think are the most important aspects of nailing a short sleeve shirt? The fit and the pattern/print! Here are some tips to make short-sleeve shirts work in your favour!

_MG_4433 copy

Additional Tips: Selecting the right colours and styles are particularly important for short-sleeve shirts. Read Chapter 9 to select the right colours and right match. If you are inclined to wear short-sleeve shirts that are a bit more adventurous, remember to accessorise well.


chapter 6

The right and hassle-free way to tuck in your shirt

Do you find yourself going to a corner to re-tuck a misguided shirt, hoping no one would notice?

Chances are, someone saw that. Just because you tuck your shirt in everyday, does not mean that you are doing it right. Not only can the right “tucking” strategies and techniques make you look slimmer, it can also save you the trouble of having to do a sneaky re-tuck throughout the day.


Additional Tips: Whether you are a female or a male, have you seen someone attempt a sneaky re-tuck in a crowded room? It is never a good/pleasant look. To all of the men reading this, if you ever need to re-tuck, please excuse yourself to a bathroom! Share these tips with your friends, so you no longer have to ‘witness’ the unpleasant scenes.


chapter 7

How a dress shirt should fit

They say it takes seven seconds to make a first impression. The chances are that what you are wearing will form a part of it.

Imagine going to a meeting, presentation or party well-prepared – don’t let the fit of your shirt let you down. Picking the right fit and right size of shirt is vital when it comes to first impressions. Too loose? The shirts will look too baggy and you will look like you just woke up. Too tight? It may look like you didn’t put time and effort into what you are wearing! Not only is the fit around your shoulders and body important, having the right sleeve and shirt lengths, collar and cuff sizes are as equally important, but often omitted when choosing a dress shirt.

Additional Tips: Is it worth getting a custom shirt? Or are we safe with off the rack? Read about some pros and cons here to help you decide.


chapter 8

Utilise your white shirts for different occasions

A man’s wardrobe is not complete without a nice white dress shirt. Although the idea of a white dress shirt may seem conservative, there are multitude of ways to make it pop.

Here are some tips on styling and utilising your white shirts for different occasions. Find out how to make slight changes to the same shirt to look differently or how to style and match your white shirts to stay away from the traditional monochromatic look.

Additional Tips: Always remember, white shirts do not have to be boring! Read the next chapter for additional tips on accessorising your white shirts. In fact, while everyone else is looking boring in their white shirts, this is your chance to show off your styling techniques and stand out!


chapter 9

Accessories make the man

Now that you know a little something about selecting the right dress shirt, all you need now is the finishing touch!

A plain dress shirt can look boring at times, but accessorising effectively can make the difference between looking traditional and looking fashion forward. Here are some tips on completing your look!


Additional Tips: Don’t forget, selecting the right material and colours of your accessories will also make a huge difference!


chapter 10

The importance of Colour Matching

While it is important to pick the right fit and learn all the styling tips, selecting the right coloured dress shirts is probably an equally important, if not a more important step.

Did you know that your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour have a big influence on how your dress shirt will look. Read below to get a 101 on how colour works, how to select the right colours for your own skin tone, and how to mix and match.

Additional Tips: For the conservative you: While it’s safe to always go with the plain and basic colours, don’t forget to add some colour to bring out your personalty! Have a friend that you think needs some colour into their outfits? Share this colour matching knowledge with them now!

Here are 10 chapters, the ultimate guide to dress shirts. For all the men out there, check that you are doing all the “To Dos” and not the “Don’t Dos”. For all the women out there – time to help your partners or male friends! If any of the “Don’t Dos” remind you of any of your friends, remember to share it with them. If you have any further questions, would like anything else answered or would like UBERMEN to cover another topic, or just simply like to comment on the contents, feel free to comment below! Now that you have read through all the chapters, it’s time to impress with your styling and knowledge!

Some fun, USEFUL and interesting facts

Around dinner table with fashion savvy family or friends, but don’t know what to talk about? Here are some interesting fun facts that you can show off to your friends about. I doubt many people would know the history of dress shirts or why women’s shirts buttons on the opposite side of men’s. Enjoy!

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